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Photo Project

by Doreen DoBoth, Chair

     Sponsored by the Grant Amherst Business Association, the twice award winning Black Rock Historic Photo Project was generated by a lack of photographic historical documentation in Buffalo. As Black Rock was significantly involved in shipbuilding and battles during the War of 1812, was a major hub of Erie Canal and industrial development, and the location for a great influx of German and Polish immigrants, they felt it was necessary to create an archive to preserve the character of the area’s historic past.

     Photos have been collected from residents and business owners both past and present that now number 126 with more than 2,000 images in the archive. Photos have been used by the County for signage displays for Towpath Park at the foot of Hertel Ave., by the Office of Strategic Planning at City Hall, and for a conference – The Scajaquada Creek Summit that took place at The Buffalo History Museum in August, 2010. Photos have also been used for Historic Resource Studies, Historic War of 1812 signage and most recently historic signage for the 100th Anniversary of the Black Rock Lock. Wegmans on Amherst Street also displays some of the historic photos in their supermarket and has been over the past four years.

     The project has widely reached the public with standing room only photo presentations at The Buffalo History Museum, major exhibits at art galleries and most recently (also at The History Museum) SCAJAQUADA CREEK: Photos From the Black Rock Historic Photo Project followed by a panel discussion “Scajaquada Creek Talks” and another panel discussion at Burchfield-Penny Art Center: “Scajaquada Creek Talks II: Art in the Service of Education and Community Development” (both in 2014).

​     The area included in this project is: Scajaquada Creek to Hertel Avenue and from the Niagara River to Elmwood Avenue and will be included in a forthcoming book. The project has been a valuable vehicle for educating the public.
Now that the Black Rock Historical Society has opened at 1902 Niagara Street it is imperative that the project expands and reaches the neighborhoods of Riverside and West Hertel. Four photos from the project are the centerpiece at the museum representing the four districts that the museum addresses. Currently ten other photos were paired with artifacts for descriptive purposes.

     If you have photos you would like to contribute and add to the historical importance of the area and preserve your history, a form can be downloaded here. We do not keep any photos as they are scanned and returned to you (unless you want to donate them to the museum).

Photo submitted by Richard Dombrowski.

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