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Team member:
Is a lifelong member of the Black Rock Community, as well as a member BRRGNPA Historic Preservation Committee, Erie County Historical Society ,Preservation Buffalo Niagara. She is also currently serving as BRRAlliance President a newly formed corporation dedicated to education with one key area being historic preservation.


Sponsors and Grantors

Scott Glasgow

Team member:
Warren Glover is a trustee of the BRHS and was chairperson of the Historic Preservation Committee of the Black Rock Riverside Good Neighbors Planning Alliance, that was formed to handle the commemoration efforts of the War of 1812. Warren also arranged the War of 1812 Lecture Series that was held at the Buffalo History Museum

Team member:
Michele Graves is exhibits coordinator at BRHS. She is a retired Buffalo Police Department Community Liaison, and is currently Community Consultant for the West Side Youth Development Coalition out of the Center for Health and Social Research at Buffalo State College. She lives in the Town of Tonawanda with her husband Eugene.

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The Society is the latest in a series of accomplishments and ongoing initiatives that have been in development for over 5 years. These include:

  • War of 1812 200th Anniversary Celebration
  • Market Square Historic District
  • Black Rock Historic Photo Project
  • Exhibit panels featuring Market Square, War of 1812, Growth of Railroads, the Erie Canal and the Black Rock Lock
  • Black Rock Trail Brochures for walking or biking
  • Black Rock Heritage Mural at Tonawanda & Amherst Streets
  • 19 Historic Markers and interpretive Signage
  • War of 1812 Speaker Series at The Buffalo History Museum
  • War of 1812 commemorations: Flames Across Niagara, Stars Along Scajaquada and Commemorating the Battle of Scajaquada Creek Bridge


Membership Benefits

    The Black Rock Historical Society (BRHS) is seeking volunteers to assist with various projects as Buffalo’s newest museum located at 1902 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY. As we build our museum we need your help. Your expertise, interest and/or love of history are good reasons to volunteer. Students, seniors and everyone in-between are welcome to volunteer in various areas of interest: office, education, outreach, maintenance, etc.

    Volunteering can help you:

    • Strengthen your community and raise awareness of its assets
    • Learn or develop skills about preservation
    • Teach your skills to others
    • Gain work experience
    • Do something unique and interesting to give back to the community
    • Meet new people

    To become a volunteer email


    Bogdan Fundalinski

    Donate & Preserve Your History

    Team member:
    Scott Glasgow is a trustee of the BRHS and preservationist who purchased and restored the Jacob Smith House & Tavern in the Historic Market Square District of Black Rock. Built in 1830 on land donated by Peter B. Porter to the people of Black Rock, his restoration efforts saved it from the wrecking ball. Scott was also instrumental in researching the information on the permanent historical markers in Black Rock.

    Special thank you to our sponsors and grantors for our 2019 projects and events

    • ​New York State
    • Erie County
      • ​​Thank you to Erie County and Legislator Peter Savage for their Community Neighborhood Development Funding for 2019
    • City of Buffalo
    • West Side Youth Development Coalition

    ​​An additional thanks to the Riverside Review for publishing original articles in their newsletter

    Your membership support to the Black Rock Historical Society allows us to:

    • Collect and preserve precious artifacts
    • Create imaginative exhibits
    • Provide educational public programs

    The Black Rock Historical Society has been acquiring a significant collection of artifacts, which are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn about Black Rock, Riverside, West Hertel and Grant Amherst areas in the City of Buffalo, NY. Photographs, books, currency/coins, textiles, tools, furniture, religious and domestic items, local industrial or business memorabilia and historical documents are items that reflect the rich culture and heritage of the area.

    If you have something you would like to donate to our collection, a form can be
    printed here and mailed or brought in to our office. You will then be contacted by us and an appointment will be set up to bring your item/items to the museum. We gratefully appreciate and value any item that will add to the development and importance of our collection.

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    1902 Niagara Street​

    ​Buffalo, New York 14207

    Rob Niemiec

    Doreen DeBoth

    Team member:
    Rob is a founding member of the BRHS and a lifelong resident of Black Rock. He is also the owner of Neimiec Brothers Builders supply on Grant Street. as a War of 1812 American reenactor with the 23rd division, he has contributed greatly to events commemorating the War of 1812.

    About Us

    The Black Rock Historical Society was established in 2011 to preserve the heritage and history of the neighborhoods and people associated with the area defined as Black Rock in the City of Buffalo. Most easily identified as the current neighborhoods of Black Rock and Grant Amherst the heritage and culture of these communities has been tied together from the beginning, before the City of Buffalo when it was the Village of Black Rock. Telling this story is the culmination of many years of work to define and recognize these long forgotten neighborhoods. The BRRAlliance is our parent organization which is a 501c3 organization.

    Mark Peszko

    Mary Ann Kedron

    Warren Glover

    Black Rock Historical Society Founders

    Team member:
    Mark J. Peszko is a trustee of the BRHS and an attorney who is a sole practitioner.  He is a graduate of the University of Tulsa College of Law.  He has an undergraduate degree from the State University College at Buffalo, BA in History.  He is also a member of the Buffalo History Museum and a contributor to the Historic Black Rock Photo Project.  His interest in history was nurtured by his father Edward who was a recountuer of history of Black Rock's Polish immigrants.

    The BRHS has 20 portable exhibits that travel to Libraries and Community Events. Subjects include: The Erie Canal, The Railroad, Historic Market Square, War of 1812 and The Black Rock Lock.

    If you would like any of our exhibits displayed at your event, email us at

    Michele Graves

    Team member:
    Bogdan Fundalinski is an artist, educator and photographer who has been a speaker at various presentations on the Black Rock Historic Photo Project held at the Buffalo History Museum and was a presenter at the Scajaquada Creek Summit in 2011.

    Doreen DeBoth is a trustee and the chairperson of the BRHS. She is also an artist, teacher and director at Artsphere Studio & Gallery on Amherst Street. She has been involved in preservation efforts in Buffalo for over 30 years and also chairs the award-winning Black Rock Historic Photo Project that is sponsored by the Grant Amherst Business Association.

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